V.I.P. Petfoods Meat Lovers Beef & Lamb 2kg

Product Description

The 2kg Meatlovers Beef and Lamb dog roll is a high quality blend of carefully selected ingredients fortified with Vitamins & Minerals.

The benefits for your dog

The ingredients of Beef & Lamb contain the following benefits for your dog:

  • Bran fibre (Fibre)
    Fibre for stool consistency and regularity
  • Garlic (Allicin)
    Helps stimulate the immune function, Helps repel fleas.
  • Minerals (Minerals)
    More readily absorbable by the animal body.
  • Whole grain cereals (wheat) (Carbohydrates, protein, fibre)
    High quality fibre, energy and trace minerals.

Ingredients: Beef, lamb selected cereals (barley, rice, bran), liver chunky vegetables, heart, kidney, garlic and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals (including calcium, iron and zinc).