Why Grainfree?

Why Feed Grain Free Dog and Cat Food?

Why grainfree? Well it’s not too complicated. While grains are packed with goodness, cats are carnivores in the wild and do not normally eat grains. Whilst dogs are different in that they eat both meat and grains some dogs don’t do well with grains either; and can have severe allergic reactions.


Although grains are a good source of essential vitamins, minerals and fiber, the digestive system of your cat is not designed to efficiently break down and utilise a large amount of carbohydrates. The small quantity of carbohydrates that ancestral cats ate came mainly from the stomach contents of animals which they caught and consumed. Studies over the years through various veterinary colleges and journals have shown that several health conditions can be aggravated by too much dietary grain. Special diets for affected pets usually eliminate or greatly reduce the grain source of carbohydrates in their food. As a result of allergies cats may experience itching, hair loss, nasal discharge and respiratory symptoms.


While free roaming dogs had more options in their diets, eating more carbohydrates than their feline friends, the source of these carbs were vegetables, fruits and also food remnants in their prey’s digestive tract. Carnivores’ digestive organs were not designed to digest plant materials but they are ideal for breaking down, absorbing and utilizing proteins, bones and fat. Studies have shown that several health conditions can be aggravated by too much dietary grain; remedies are always suggested as reducing or deleting grains from the dogs diet. In dogs, allergies most often manifest with itching, dry flaky skin, skin lesions, and excessively waxy ears with frequent ear infections.A balanced, grain-free diet high in meat proteins provides dogs with necessary and valuable nutrients.

Although food allergies are the least common type of allergy diagnosed in dogs and cats and make up only about 5% of all cases of skin disease, there are rare cases of allergy to soy, corn and wheat grains. Switching to grain-free dry dog food may prevent or stop common allergy symptoms such as itchy skin, chronic ear infections, hair loss, hot spots and excessive scratching.*

*Source – Pet Industry News, Grainfree Diets for dogs, Article written by Drs. Foster and Smith’s article on “Food Allergies and Food Intolerance,”

VIP Petfoods first on the supermarket shelf
VIP’s Fussy Cat & Natures Goodness Grain Free+ dry food for cats and dogs is a revolution in pet nutrition.

Prior to their release, grain free formulas were the domain of brands sold in Veterinarians and Pet Specialty stores in limited quantities, at premium prices.

Cats are complete carnivorous creatures that require high protein diets. Despite this knowledge, we find ourselves the only grain free complete diet solution for cats available at an affordable price in supermarkets across Australia.

VIP Petfoods launched both product lines as they believed that the products were truly innovative for the retail supermarket space; and that consumers deserved to be able to purchase grainfree products for their pets at an affordable price and convenient pack size.

This setiment has been recieved well by consumers by not only voting fussy Cat Grainfree product of the year 2013 but we have also received hundreds of emails and facebook posts thanking us for helping their dogs & cats with chronic allergy issues.