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Fresh, Healthy, Naturally

Fresh petfood factsIf you have questioned fresh dog rolls and fresh mince vs canned, we know you’re a responsible dog owner. It’s a common question and very easy to answer; we all know that less cooking and fresh ingredients is best!Dogs and Cats are carnivores; whilst dogs can eat some grains and vegetables we know that cats are true carnivores in the wild. Evolution has changed their appearance and their size but their dietary requirements are still the same. Healthy dogs have a very acidic gut; their gut has a bacteria tolerance much superior to humans. Their saliva is also loaded in antibacterial properties. Feeding fresh and raw meat, means the benefits of a shiny quality coat, clean teeth, fresher breath and smaller reduced odour stools.

V.I.P Petfoods fresh range offers meal solutions for pets that are world-class in quality and convenience, using only the freshest ingredients. Not only are they tasty, they are high in nutritional value; so you can rest assured that your pet is eating well (and as healthy) as you are yourself!

V.I.P Petfoods are focused on natural holistic solutions to help aid in the increased lifespan of your very special pet.Our natural range of fresh chilled product may help with ailments such as joint problems, skin allergy control, reducing obesity, healthier teeth, enhanced digestion, greater energy and a healthier pet for life.

V.I.P. Petfoods is committed to ensuring that our entire product range is made from only the freshest local Australian meats and ingredients. We guarantee that all V.I.P. products live up to our promise of being ‘Fresh & Healthy Naturally.’

V.I.P fresh chilled pet food range is the perfect complement to our other range of dry products and forms an essential part of your pet’s complete, healthy diet.

With such a healthy range, there are plenty of choices too – even for the fussiest of Pet’s. The V.I.P. fresh chilled pet food range has been developed by leading animal nutritionists and contain a completely balanced diet and all essential vitamins and minerals required for a long and healthy life of your best friend.

True facts about why you should be buying fresh over canned.


Fresh is better value for money

Based on the leading canned dog food price it is 30c per 100g VIP Gourmet Chicken is 20c per 100g. Because VIP Petfood dog rolls are formulated to be more nutritionally dense that wet cans you are not required to feed the equivalent amount per meal. The Average 10kg dog, per day, requires 875g of canned food compared to 537g of V.I.P. Petfoods Dog Roll; that’s 40%* less! Not only are they good value, but V.I.P. Petfoods dog rolls contain NO FILLERS and are NUTRIENT PACKED so you can rest assured that not only are you saving money, your dog is eating the freshest, natural dog food available.

Fresh Has a higher nutritional value 

VIP Fresh Dog Rolls contain NO PRESERVATIVES and are cooked using a gentle pasteurisation method that retains their nutrient content. Containing only natural and fresh ingredients they are meat based and nutrient dense. The average leading canned dog food has a minimum of 3 years shelf life attained from extreme high heat processing that destroys vitamins and minerals. Food is heated inside the can to kill any dangerous micro-organisms and extend the food’s shelf life. Some types of micro-organisms require severe heat treatment and this may affect the taste and texture of the food, making it less appealing. Water-soluble vitamins are particularly sensitive to high temperatures. .

fresh checklistFresh has a higher protein content

The average 10kg dog will require 875g of canned dog food per day; the same dog would only require 537g per day of a VIP Petfoods Dog Roll; that’s 40% less!
The reason for this that the dog roll contains no fillers and is nutrient packed; this means that not only are they good value you can rest assured that your dog is eating the freshest, natural dog food in the supermarket fridge .

A true comparison for protein content can only be done by converting products to a dry matter basis, when converting V.I.P Petfoods fresh chilled dog rolls the protein content is approximately 42-52%*

*Dry Matter Calculation basis 12.5/(100-70) x 100 = 42%

On average cans contain 25% protein when you do the same calulation.

Calculating Dry Matter Calculation

Determine the amount of dry matter first, by subtracting the percentage given for moisture from 100 percent. Using the example below, the moisture accounts for 10 percent of the pet food.
Therefore, the dry matter content is (100% – 10% = ) 90% of the pet food.

Convert the protein, fat and fiber percentages to a dry matter basis by dividing the percentages given on the label by the amount of dry matter (from the previous step).
for example if the can label says 26 percent protein, this then converts to 28 percent on a dry matter basis by dividing 26% by 90%.

(Notice that in this example the dry matter calculation is only slightly different than the labeled percentage. This is because the moisture level was only 10 percent per the label. If the moisture level had been, say, 40 percent, then the dry matter content would have only been 60 percent and protein on a dry matter basis would have been calculated as (26% divided by 60% =) 43%.)

Compare the new protein level of 28 percent on a dry matter basis to other pet foods (once you’ve converted the other pet food labels in the same way). Do similar comparisons for fat and fibre after converting to a dry matter basis calculation.


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