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Have you heard about the benefits of the PANDEAN diet for your pet?

Many of V.I.P. Petfoods cooked dog roll products are based on providing your pet with the benefits of the PANDEAN diet.

The PANDEAN Principles
The Pasteurized Nutrient Dense All Natural Diet evolved from a broad spectrum of international research into improving existing pet food formulas. The leading-edge scientific veterinary community has embraced this natural-food-based approach, and it’s gaining powerful support with both canine nutrition experts and concerned dog owners alike.

What does PANDEAN stand for?
PA – (Pasteurization) is a “gentle” means of eliminating dangerous bacteria and parasites from perishable food while still maintaining nutrient value and, in the case of animals, their ability to properly absorb the nutrients.

NDE – (Nutrient Dense) Predicated upon the correct mixture of meat, vegetables, essential oils and vitamins to provide your dog with the exact balance of nutrition required for a long and healthy life. Formulated as a protein-rich, meat-intensive diet more suitable to the dog’s digestive process.

AN – (All Natural) Only fresh meat, organs, vegetables and the required levels of fibre, vitamins and minerals are acceptable as ingredients. No unnecessary additives (like artificial colouring), no glutens, sugars, digestive accelerants or soy are accepted in this diet.

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